Sentinel Gaming Systems™


The Sentinel Gaming System is the worlds first video gaming system designed specifically for the prevention and treatment of video game abuse and addiction. The Sentinel Gaming System is the culmination of over 10 years of experience working with parents to set effective limits on gaming and also draws upon our award winning technology. The Sentinel operates similar to other Windows 10 systems except that there is additional dedicated, secure hardware to enforce use limits and to monitor operation.

The web based controls can be operated from any device anywhere with internet access. Here are just some of the Sentinel's features:

General Product Features

  • Multi-core Intel processors and high performance discrete graphics cards power the latest computer games in ultra high-def resolution with support for VR and multiple displays
  • Windows 10 Home Operating System
  • Up to 8 users in 3 Modes with configurable limits for when and how long users are allowed to use the system for each day of the week
  • Windows 10 users may have System Administrator privileges while the system "Owner" sets the limits for use
  • Multiple operating modes: Gaming Mode- full performance, Study Mode - cripples video performance to limit gaming and watching videos, No video Mode - listen to music, complete system maintenance
  • Recovery Mode allows easy Windows recovery or restore to factory settings without requiring a recovery disk
  • Playstation 4 and Xbox One streaming applications extends monitoring and limit settings to console systems
  • Screen flashing warns user of time running out at 10 minutes, 5 minutes and then below 2 minutes to reduce angry outbursts
  • GamePlay+ feature extends game mode play time, upon user request automatically to reduce user frustration over usage limits
  • Gaming Mode maximum continuous play and minimum recovery (when Gaming Mode login not allowed) settings limit game and media use bingeing  
  • When time runs out on user, can either set Windows to Shutdown or to Sleep
  • Hardware automatically prevents unauthorized Windows updates
  • Pop up status screen can be viewed during login to see how much time remains without disturbing the currently running Windows 10 program

Security Features

  • Tamper and hack resistant: If hardware tampered, unit will shut down and no longer operate without remote restore. 
  • Email/text alerts warn of hardware or software tampering attempt
  • Local Sentinel Admin User 8 used to clear alert conditions. Separate password from web based administration and limit settings

Assessment Features

  • Usage logs record when and how long the system is used each day in each of the 3 modes
  • Guest remote web user accounts allow clinician access to usage logs
  • Real time screen shot feature allows the remote viewing of the user's screen

Behavioral Contracting Features

  • Usage in all 3 modes independently configurable by times and amount of time allowed each day
  • Limits can be set in 1 minute intervals (i.e. allow time off at 10:01pm)
  • Limits can be set and configured remotely by clinician during treatment
  • Manual Daily Enable feature restricts gaming use until the System Owner enables it for that day (i.e. after homework is done)
  • Taper down schedule automatically lowers daily time allowance (i.e. gradually)
  • One time updates to settings (i.e. for today) can be done easily from anywhere with internet access
  • Real time updates to settings (add or remove time, shutdown current user's login) allow for the realities of the real world
  • Study Mode can be used to help enforce a "no gaming and no video watching time" to help keep students on task
  • Daily lockout time range sets a period of time when the computer cannot be used at all
  • Holiday and one time settings simplify updates and reduce the risk that changed settings will not be restored



High Performance

These gaming desktop computers feature top performing Intel i5 and i7 multi-core processors with discrete video graphics cards optimized for the latest video games. These systems support up to 3 graphics displays, full 4k UHD resolution and are VR ready.   All systems come standard with the Microsoft Windows 10 Operating System and can play all Windows 10 compatible PC games IN ADDITION to XBOX 360 and XBOX One games using the Windows 10 streaming feature and your console. Three operating modes - Gaming, Study and No-video optimize use of the computer without compromise.


Hardware Enforced Limits

Unlike other personal computers, a user can have full System Administrator privileges while parents set limits on when and how long the system can be used. The System Owner (i.e. parents) can REMOTELY restrict or enable use and monitor screen activity while the computer is in use.

Operation of the system is monitored and limited by dedicated and secure Sentinel hardware which cannot be disabled without locking down the system until reset by authorized personnel.  Email alerts notify the System Owner of tampering attempts.

With the Sentinel's advanced hardware features is the patent pending GamePlay+ feature. This extends game play time upon the user's request automatically without requiring parental intervention and without the disruption of the game in progress.  

Happy gamers equals happy parents.


Study mode

Proprietary Study Mode allows users to operate the system with all features at full performance EXCEPT the video refresh rate is slowed to dramatically limit the ability to play video games or watch YouTube or Netflix. This makes the system ideal for use with on-line education. In Study Mode the computer can be used to read, write, browse the web for research and even view many video based lectures without the temptation of gaming or watching other video content. With the Sentinel Gaming System, this is the only system you need for work and play!