Are you or a loved one suffering from an unhealthy dependence on technology?


Let us help. While we can't reclaim the time lost to excess video gaming or other technology uses, we help our clients move forward toward a richer and fuller life - a life that includes desired relationships, education, career, health, and personal growth. The Computer Addiction Treatment Program treats video game addiction, compulsive/excessive social networking and other forms of problematic technology-based media consumption. 

What is Computer / Video Game Addiction?

Our use of computer technology to provide entertainment and communication has enriched our lives in many, many ways. In 1984 when the IBM PC had only been on the market for  3 years and the most popular video game was Atari, technology addiction was not a problem. Few could have anticipated that in a few short decades individuals world-wide would play video games, watch YouTube videos or communicate with others using hand held devices for hours each day at the exclusion of virtually all other activities. Today, 25% of teenagers in the United States spend 8 or more hours in front of a screen. Welcome to the 21st century. 

The personal computer, the iPad tablet, the smartphone, smart televisions and the video game console are all powerful computers capable of delivering media 24/7. They run programs designed to entertain us and keep us engaged. Used in moderation, these devices can enhance our lives. Used to excess they can rob us from a rich and fulfilling life. The Computer Addiction Treatment Program is dedicated to help individuals find moderation and seek out the lives they desire. The founder, Dr. Kenneth Woog has been treating computer / video game addiction since 2002.  Dr. Woog is not only a psychologist but  also a computer engineer and has developed award winning computer technology to help both prevent and treat this growing problem. 



Treatment options to meet your needs 



We offer outpatient and  inpatient treatment along with remote telephone/video conference aftercare and coaching.

Parent Coaching

We give parents the tools to help them bring their loved one into treatment and succeed in treatment long term. 


We provide support for family interventions in-home, in-office and by telephone/video conferencing.


Reclaim a happy, healthy life.

We've helped individuals and families successfully address problematic and addictive technology use for over a decade.

For many, this has been a long journey. Whether this is your first time seeking help, or you've experienced years of failed treatment programs, you may be wondering, "why will this time work?" We specialize in video game addiction, computer and internet addiction, and our treatment methods and tools have worked successfully to help people and families break out of these difficult addictions for over a decade. 

Unlike drug/alcohol rehabs, therapeutic boarding schools and wilderness programs, this is all we treat.
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Bear Mountain Retreat
Adult Inpatient Treatment

Adult (18+) five-day intensive treatment program at our retreat in the mountains of Big Bear Lake, CA. Space is limited so don't wait to contact us to reserve a spot. 

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Is My Child Addicted?

Proper diagnosis guides effective treatment. Learn more about recognizing the signs of computer and video game addiction.


The Sentinel — Absolute Limits

The only personal computer system developed as a tool to help prevent and treat computer and video game addiction. The Sentinel is used in conjunction with a custom designed behavioral treatment program to provide effective at home and after care treatment.   

My son graduated from high school this past Saturday and I want you to know your help was instrumental in helping us get through it. He graduated with honors, scholarships, and straight As for last semester.
Thank you so much for your help and advice when my son was hooked on World of Warcraft. He is now a freshman at Cal Poly studying biomedical engineering and doing well. He has grown out of his gaming days and is studying hard.