Frequently Asked Questions


How much does treatment cost?

The cost of the initial outpatient assessment is $300 and the standard outpatient session rate is $150 per hour. As each case is unique, it is not possible to estimate overall costs prior to the assessment. Telephone and video conference consultations are billed at $75/ half hour. The cost for 5 days  inpatient treatment at our Bear Mountain Retreat facility is $3000 (with $500 research credit) not including transportation or optional services. Call us toll free at 888-452-1869 for current information regarding costs and availability.

Is treatment covered by my insurance?

Some part of treatment may be covered by your health insurance. We will provide you a bill that you may submit to your insurance company should they accept bills for reimbursement from out of network providers. All treatment is provided by licensed mental health professionals (or interns under supervision). You may also be able to use your healthcare savings account (HSA) to pay for treatment. Under certain circumstances your insurance company may agree to pay for treatment based on a "single case agreement". In this case you would be responsible for all applicable co-payments and we would bill your insurance directly. You should contact your insurance company to see if they will consider this type of arrangement. 

What if my child does not want to participate in treatment?

If your child is a minor, they need not agree to treatment. An in-home visit treatment option can make this easier on you.  Younger clients struggling with media addiction seldom desire treatment and may refuse to participate. In this case we can provide parent coaching and consultation with the client's treating clinicians (i.e. therapists, psychiatrists) to coordinate care. The goal under these conditions is to facilitate a home environment that promotes a reduction in the dependency on technology.  

If your child is an adult and depends on you for financial  support, treatment can be made a condition of your continued support. We understand that this type confrontation is difficult and we can provide counseling and advisement to parents and significant others in support of this type of confrontation. An in home intervention, which we can facilitate may also be useful in this case.

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Do you offer
evening and
weekend session

Yes, we do offer evening hours for assessment and treatment. Although we offer Saturday appointments under certain circumstances, we reserve Saturday appointments for individuals and families that are traveling from out of the area.