Welcome to our new web site!

After more than a decade of treating video game addiction and coding my own web sites I am excited to introduce our new web site which I did not develop myself.  Thanks to John Flynn III for producing such a great new site! The old site at www.computergamingaddiction.com will remain and will serve as a repository for more technical information and treatment theory. The video content from my work with the Los Angeles Office of Education will remain linked on that site. While this information is almost a decade old, it still covers relevant concepts.

This blog will allow me to post about the most recent research and technology to combat what I believe is a growing epidemic of video game and technology addiction. It allows me to present my latest tips to help parents, schools and mental health professionals work together to reduce the risks associated with the overuse of technology. As both a psychologist and computer engineer I see the benefits of technology. It can serve to help us communicate in ways we never thought possible. Most of us could not even imagine going back to a world without smart cell phones. And I am a big fan of computer/video gaming. But as with everything in life, moderation is key. And moderation is the most common goal of treatment for my clients. That is why I have focused so much effort on making this possible for those that cannot self-limit and for their families that are sacrificing so much to support treatment. Thanks and stay tuned!

Kenneth Woog, Psy.D. MBA, BSEEE